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3 Reasons Why Builders Should Work with a Home Automation Company


Meet the buyer demands by aligning your residential projects with a home automation company

Working with a home automation company from the start of your construction project can benefit you in the long haul. Limited builders no longer use home automation. In fact, if you take a look at the market, you’ll find that all your competitors are working with home automation companies.

If you’re still unsure whether or not you should do the same, read on to find the top three reasons builders should work with a home automation company.

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Movies, shows, and music are essential elements in our lives; they entertain, provoke thought, inspire, and move us in ways we often don’t expect. The streaming content revolution has increased our viewing options tenfold. When you add traditional sources such as cable TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, and video servers, managing all your content on multiple TVs and audio systems throughout your house can become a challenge. 

An audio-video distribution system provides a centralized approach to deliver content to any or all rooms of your smart home. With multi-room AV, you have the luxury and convenience of watching any source in any room. Instead of having multiple devices cluttering up each space or restarting a show when you move from the bedroom to the living room, AV distribution provides a simple, straightforward solution.

Are you looking to enjoy your content anywhere in your Camano Island, WA home with one easy control platform? Read below to find out more. 

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Manage Your Home the Way You Want With Control4


Control4 lets you choose the best way to interact with your smart home

How do you want to access and manage the smart technology in your house? As a Control4 dealer, we’re here to help you find the control solutions that are most convenient and comfortable for everyone in your household.

Whether you want to use your smartphone for everything or control your house with the sound of your voice, Control4 has a solution for you. Keep reading to learn how you can interact with your Control4 smart home in Camano Island, WA!

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The Latest Technology in Hidden Audio and Video Solutions


Maintain a Home’s Aesthetics While Producing Incredible Whole-Home Audio Video and Automation

Many homeowners in Camano Island, WA, and the surrounding areas appreciate the latest technology and home automation solutions that lead to an enjoyable and easy way to manage home. One of these solutions is a whole-home hidden AV system

All the sizeable audio equipment is centralized and placed in a closet, cabinet, mechanical room, etc. TVs and speakers are then placed throughout the home, enabling music and other audio content to fill the air, seemingly surrounding homeowners in sound. 

Of course, not everyone wants to watch the same show or listen to the same playlist. At Fusion 9 Design, we can install zones that allow family members to listen to different AV sources in other rooms. For example, one person may listen to their favorite podcast in the office while another family member tunes into their "relax" streaming playlist while preparing dinner. Yet another enjoys their favorite video game in the media room

Who wouldn’t want this truly life-altering system in their home? For some, it comes down to design and aesthetics. Both interior designers and homeowners cringe at the thought of multiple speakers breaking up a home's design in every room. 

Today’s homes are, after all, about wellness, a serene retreat that elicits a state of relaxation. Likewise, intentional living that values space over clutter produces homes and outdoor spaces that are indeed works of art. Fortunately, there is a way to experience the sound of music filling your home without the distracting speakers and wires taking up space.

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