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How AiSPiRE Lighting Illuminates Your Luxury Home

a luxury home with an illuminated indoor and outdoor space with chairs, tables, and trees

Enjoy the undeniable perks of having smart lighting control in your home

Lighting control is not only about having a system that lets you switch the lights on or off at any given moment. There’s so much more you can do when you have the perfect system installed in your home.

Your options are limitless, from changing hues and creating a space for lighting “wellness” to scheduling the lights to create scenes at a particular time. The best part is that all these actions can be executed with a single tap of your fingers.

But how can you get such an intuitive control system? With AiSPiRE lighting, of course! AiSPiRE is a residential lighting brand launched by WAC lighting, offering features befitting luxury homes. Read on to discover how it can benefit your Camano Island, WA, and the surrounding area homes.

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Next Generation Lighting 

AiSPiRE has different lines of lighting that offer homeowners a wide range of functionalities, in line voltage and some in Low Voltage Remote Power Supply (RPS). RPS allows for lower gauge copper wire to be used, less code restrictions, less fire and electrocution hazard, lower install cost, and greater control via DMX control protocol, which has been used in stage and theater for decades.

The Four Lighting Experiences include: 

  • ALPINE Static White, a budgetary entry-level quality product; 
  • ASTRO Intuitive Dimming, moving up in experience with only a slight cost increase; Astro offers an intuitive dim-to-warm experience. 
  • ATMOSPHERE, featuring Tunable White, allowing you to tune each room to the desired activity or program scenes while adjusting Kelvin temperature with the closest to the sun experience available today.
  • AURORA Paint with Light, offering the ultimate lighting flexibility with tunable white and color.
  • Available in recessed, wall and pendant, linear tape lighting, landscape, exterior, and backlighting.

Tunable Lighting

With today's lighting technology AiSPiRE from WAC Lighting can offer Human Centric Lighting (HCL). 

Throughout evolution, the human visual system has evolved under the natural light of the sun, moon, stars and fire. Human-centric lighting by definition encompasses the effects of lighting on the physical and emotional well-being of people. 

As part of the HCL initiative, there is a drive to develop “natural” sources of lighting. The human species has been conditioned to function in daylight hours by the light of the sun, and after dusk, by the warm glow of fire or the light of the full moon. 

Thus, we define natural light sources as those which match the spectral distribution of sunlight to firelight.

Circadian Lighting

The ATMOSPHERE line offers wellness lighting that improves circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is the body’s biological clock regulating the sleep-wake cycle. It ensures you have a productive day and a well-rested night.

ATMOSPHERE lighting mimics the natural light from the sun, stimulating your body’s natural rhythm. The lighting fixtures provide a full blackbody curve with lighting that matches the sunlight’s correlated color temperatures throughout the day. The CCT ranges between 2700K to 6500K. Ask your integrator to program the lights for you during the construction phase and choose the temperature that best fits your lifestyle requirements.

This lighting line by AiSPiRE also lets you bring the power of outdoor light inside your home. The lights coordinate with the changing temperature of the sun, keeping you energized and focused on daily tasks. The warm hues during the evening help you relax and prepare for bed.

Color-Changing Lights

The AURORA lighting line allows you to experiment to your heart’s delight with different hues. You can illuminate your home with any color imaginable, from crisp white lights to pastels. The LED lights come with a full-visible light spectrum to choose any hue you like.

From deep saturation to light hues and even the correlated color temperatures, you can adjust the lights to create scenes instantly.

Illuminate your home in Camano Island, WA, and the surrounding area with AiSPiRE lighting to enjoy human-centric, color-changing, and tunable lights. Fusion 9 Design is a certified dealer of AiSPiRE and can help you program and install customized lighting in your luxury home during construction or remodel. Call (360) 831-0899 or fill out an easy online contact form for more details.

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