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The Best Way to Wire Your Smart Home: Low Voltage

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Why Working with a Low-Voltage Contractor Is the Best Choice for You & Your Smart Home

At Fusion 9 Design, we believe that a truly luxurious home isn't just about exquisite furnishings and breathtaking views. Today more than ever, it is just as important to integrate cutting-edge technology into your lifestyle, creating a truly modern living experience. 

If you're building a new luxury smart home in Camano Island, WA, or in any nearby city, you may be wondering who to trust with wiring and integrating your property. It’s not an easy decision. While a regular electrician may seem like a viable option, partnering with a technology integrator and low-voltage contractor will provide unparalleled benefits and ensure your smart home dreams become a reality. Read on to find out more!

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Why You Need A Low Voltage Contractor In Your Smart Home Build


Bring a smart technology integrator into your project in the early stages for the best results


Designing and building a custom home is often a huge project. It is even more difficult to create a custom smart home, but potential buyers have come to expect that smart technology is already installed in a prospective home. Home automation systems need special wiring and integration that most builders or electricians are not able to do or plan by themselves.

“Everything is wireless now, right?” is not the way to approach smart home needs. Wireless is for mobile devices, not built-in features. Hardwired control, communication, audio/video and power is always more secure, reliable and gives the technology in the home a more “well thought out” and discreet look. The best way to integrate smart technology into your project is to partner with a smart home integrator, because they have the specialized training and knowledge to give the best experience to the homeowner.

If you are an architect or builder looking toward projects that are in the early planning stage for next spring, now is the time to reach out! Discover the benefits of working with a low voltage contractor on your building projects in Camano Island, WA.

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