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Enjoy Luxury Living with Motorized Shades

A woman standing in a living room in front of picture windows with the sheer shades drawn.

Make Managing Daylight and Privacy Effortless

Streaming sunlight brightens and warms a room. Landscape lights and a full moon turn your windows into a work of art. These are but two examples of the power of light and its ability to transform your home, mood, and aesthetics. Yet, managing natural light is often an afterthought. According to a study by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), 75% of home window coverings remain in the same position daily. 

Why? Convenience. Who has the time to manually raise and lower shades throughout the day? The best we usually do is open them when we wake and lower them when the sun starts causing excessive heat gain or damage to our artwork. 

Fortunately, there is a better way, and it's recommended by the DOE—motorized shades. Let’s explore the benefits this technology brings to homes in Birch Bay, WA, and the surrounding areas.

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One-Touch Control

Motorized shades enable one-touch control of every window covering in your home. With one tap on a user-friendly interface or a voice command, you can raise and lower one or every shade in your home. Is the sun causing glare on the computer screen? Press a button or ask your smart home to lower the shades in the office. 

This system also manages those hard-to-reach and architecturally diverse windows. Thanks to customized options, we can install motorized window coverings on every type of window, from skylights to angled windows. 

Are you wondering how these shades blend into your home’s interior design? From roller or Roman shades to sheer and Venetian blinds and draperies, today’s motorized window coverings come in every style and hundreds of designer fabrics.

On Schedule

At Fusion 9 Design, we believe customization is the key to genuine smart home living. We'll take the time to learn what programming would make a significant difference in your everyday life. This may mean scheduling your window shades to rise with the first morning light and ensuring west-facing shades are open when the sun sets. 

They also adjust automatically based on the time of day or a particular action. For instance, when you leave for the day, the shades can automatically close as the doors lock and the alarm arms. When you’re enjoying a long weekend away, the shades automatically raise and lower at random intervals while the lights turn on and off, making it look like someone’s home.

Automated Response

Thanks to sensors, motorized shades automatically respond to changing temperatures and levels of light. In the winter, south-facing shades open at certain times of the day, naturally warming your home. In the summer, these same shades lower to prevent solar heat gain. 

From blackout shades that leave a room in complete darkness for movie nights and restful sleep to sheer shades that let in the diffuse light of the sun while protecting your home from UV rays, almost anything is possible with today’s home automation. Tap a button and create the perfect environment for movie night, dining, entertainment, and sleep. 

Are you ready to experience the remarkable world of automated window coverings? To explore the many options in motorized shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Fusion 9 Design today. The Smart Home Assistant for the Privacy-...
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