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The Top Benefits of Outdoor Patio Shades


Create a More Comfortable Outdoor Space with Shades from Screen Innovations

A patio is an ideal space where you can relax and enjoy the outdoor breeze and the lovely look of your lawn. Yet, sometimes the harsh sunlight and bothersome bugs make you want to go indoors. With an outdoor motorized shading system, you can freely enjoy your time outside for as long as you want. 

The Zen2 shading system from Screen Innovations blends perfectly with smart homes while creating an outdoor space you’ll love to visit frequently. Read on to find out all the benefits of having outdoor patio shades at your home in Camano Island, WA, or the surrounding area. 


Sun Protection

Outdoor screens offer exceptional sun protection. They keep harmful UV rays at bay and also protect against heat. Even though our state rarely experiences extreme summer temperatures with intense UV rays, it can still get rather hot. 

Fortunately, the Zen 2 shading system uses premium fabric with tight weaves and finishes that protect against ultraviolet radiation. Even when it is hot outside, you can sit on your patio to enjoy a good book or relax. The fabric of the shading system protects not only you but also your patio furniture from getting discolored or deteriorating from UV exposure. 

Temperature Regulation

Another benefit of outdoor shades is that they block out the heat from the sun. So, even when it is scorching hot outside, you can relax in a pleasant environment while out on the patio. The shades block the heat but still allow air to flow in and out of your patio. As a result, your patio remains at a comfortable temperature.


Did you know that motorized shades improve the aesthetics of your smart home? The Zen 2 shading system is designed to blend seamlessly into your home and transform your patio into a stylish living space. The frames are available in nine beautiful powder-coated colors. Moreover, you can select a fabric from limitless options. For the ideal color blend, you can even customize the frames to match the fabric or your home’s décor. 

Eliminates Bugs

One of the biggest reasons homeowners aren’t too keen on spending more time outdoors is because of bugs. No one likes dealing with the creepy crawlies or swatting away an annoying fly. Fortunately, with Zen 2 motorized shades, you keep bugs and insects away from your patio. They create a perfect seal for a bug-free environment. 

Most importantly, the Zen 2 outdoor motorized shading system can be connected to any automation system, making it a perfect fit for smart homes. Fusion 9 Design brings you the best outdoor patio shades in Camano Island, WA, and surrounding areas. 

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