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Create a Delightful Outdoor Entertainment Area with Fusion 9 Design

Outdoor entertainment area with two televisions, a fireplace, and plush furniture to sit and enjoy.

Discover How Our Professional Team Utilizes Modern Technology to Bring Your Backyard to Life 

Achieving the ultimate outdoor entertainment area for your Blaine, WA, home has never been more accessible. Modern technology has come far enough that a team of professional designers, like those at Fusion 9 Design, can deliver an outdoor living space that extends far beyond client expectations. 

Are you ready to experience entertaining outdoors as you never have before? Keep reading to explore what we offer and how advanced smart tech brings your less-than-exciting Semiahmoo backyard to life!

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Discover Your Outdoor Options

The perfect outdoor design looks different for every client, and the landscaping and layout of your backyard will play a significant part in the design process as we develop a dedicated outside entertainment area that works for you.

Let's look at the options that accompany outdoor entertaining. It won't take long for you to see how these technologies will undoubtedly enhance and increase the time you spend in your backyard with family and friends!

Outdoor Speakers

Bringing crisp, high-quality audio outside with weather-resistant outdoor speakers is one of the best things you can do for your backyard entertainment setup. We can seamlessly blend your speaker system with landscaping, creating strategic, targeted sound even in an open layout. 

Motorized Shades

A motorized shade installation doesn't strictly apply to the interior of your home. Shading your outdoor deck or patio results in ultimate comfort, even when summer weather turns too hot, sunny, breezy, or rainy. Plus, if you take advantage of our next technology feature, you'll find shades further enhance your viewing capabilities.

Outdoor Screens

Outdoor entertainment is never complete without a television, projector, outdoor screen, or all three! Outdoor TVs are designed specifically to withstand the elements while permitting you and your guests to enjoy movies, sports, and television shows outside! They have built-in weatherproofing and high brightness levels to help with sunlight glare. 

Meanwhile, projectors and outdoor screens—which we can add alongside television or on their own—create an unbeatable, drive-in-esque cinematic experience! Your friends and neighbors will be immersed in the entertainment, and you'll be the official gathering house of Semiahmoo. 

Outdoor Lighting

It's hard to have the perfect outdoor entertainment space without smart lighting control. Outdoor lighting systems can build an ambiance and mood around whatever type of entertaining you have going on, whether it be a lively barbecue or a romantic date-night in. Our team will help you integrate your outdoor lights with the rest of your smart home system, so you can automate them, control them remotely, and build lighting scenes that are sure to impress. 

Build Your Space with Fusion 9 Design

Most homeowners look forward to better utilizing their outdoor spaces as the weather warms up. Adding a dedicated entertainment space is one of the best ways to do this! Contact the Fusion 9 Design team at (830)831-0899 for more information today, and we'll have you on the right path to entertaining outside tomorrow! 

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