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Bring A Home Automation Installer into Your Building Project


Set yourself apart from the competition and meet the needs of potential clients

Smart homes have become an expectation for existing homes and new builds alike. Set your business apart from the competition and attract potential clients with Control4 home automation. Meet the demands of today’s homebuyers by partnering with a Control4 dealer to bring smart technology into your new builds. Read on to learn more about how partnering with a home automation installer on your new builds in Camano Island, WA, will draw buyers.

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3 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Motorized Blinds


Discover the convenience and style that automated window treatments will bring to your life

Nobody likes manually adjusting their blinds throughout the day but letting in or blocking natural light can have a significant effect on the ambiance of your space. Motorized window treatments remove this burden by allowing you to open or close every shade in your home with just the tap of a button. If you are considering adding this convenient solution to your home, it is important that you do your research to be fully informed. Don’t believe these three myths about motorized blinds when deciding to install them in your home in Camano Island, WA or surrounding areas.

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Prepare Your Backyard for Summer with Outdoor Entertainment


Install a vibrant 4K display and a crystal-clear sound system for enhanced enjoyment

Warmer weather is on the way, and homeowners all over Camano Island and the surrounding areas are preparing to spend more time outside and under the sun. One way to bring your family to your backyard is to create a personalized retreat for any occasion. After all, why not expand your living spaces beyond the four walls of your home? An outdoor audio video system is the perfect investment for any home. Read on to learn how an outdoor entertainment system will prepare your backyard for Washington’s beautiful summer weather.

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A Home Automation System Enhances Your Whole Property


Enjoy enhanced control of all your home’s technologies with a Control4 system 

Smart technology has become more popular in the past several years due to the convenience it adds to homeowners' lifestyles. A home automation system consolidates all your home technology systems and devices into one centralized interface for easy control and automation. What is the difference between smart home control and home automation? Smart home control is the ability to control your smart devices through a remote, smartphone app, wall panel, or voice control system. Home automation takes your interactions a step further by automating your devices to work automatically with little-to-no direction through scheduling, scene creation, and other amenities. Control4 offers a wide range of solutions for any home. Create programmed scenes that execute a series of commands with just the tap of a button. Discover how a Control4 home automation system will add convenience and elegance to your home in Camano Island, WA, and surrounding areas.

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