3 Reasons Why Builders Should Work with a Home Automation Company


Meet the buyer demands by aligning your residential projects with a home automation company

Working with a home automation company from the start of your construction project can benefit you in the long haul. Limited builders no longer use home automation. In fact, if you take a look at the market, you’ll find that all your competitors are working with home automation companies.

If you’re still unsure whether or not you should do the same, read on to find the top three reasons builders should work with a home automation company.

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1.      Increasing Buyer Demands

Home automation is no longer a feat reserved for the future. Home automation features are extensively integrated into homes today, and residents prefer to live in a home that offers intelligent features. According to a survey, almost 37 percent of the US residents own a smart home which speaks volumes about home automation demand. More and more home buyers are interested in purchasing a home with automation features over conventional homes. Plus, they are willing to pay a reasonable price for it as well. As a builder, meeting buyer demand should be your primary goal.

2.      Get an Edge Over Competitors

Working with a home automation company that offers exceptional automation features for smart homes will give you an edge over your competitors. A potential buyer would prefer to buy a home that provides more advanced home automation features over traditional homes. By conducting market research, you can find the best home automation companies; that way, even if your competitors are integrating home automation into their projects, you will still have the edge over them.

3.      Provide a Professional System

The top home automation companies will recommend a professional level smart home system instead of a DIY consumer grade solution that many of your competitors provide. Why? Most homeowners need help and guidance with technology and a professional system comes with the “professional” to make sure that the features they want are there and that everything works properly. Handing a DIY system to your buyer leaves them frustrated and they rarely use the system you provided afterward. Also, a video doorbell plus a smart thermostat does not make a “smart home,” it is just a home with some smart accessories. Professional smart home systems offer scalability from small to large systems where everything works together smarter.

4.      Hassle-Free Integration

The best part about working with a home automation company is that even if you are not well-versed with how smart homes function, your partners will be the ones who will take care of all the work. While you focus on constructing a home, the home automation company will guide you where the home automation features need to be integrated. They will also be there with the home buyer after the sale.

This will prove to be highly beneficial if you partner with the automation company from the start of your construction project. It will ensure that the integration of innovative features is smooth and hassle-free.

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