Prepare Your Backyard for Summer with Outdoor Entertainment


Install a vibrant 4K display and a crystal-clear sound system for enhanced enjoyment

Warmer weather is on the way, and homeowners all over Camano Island and the surrounding areas are preparing to spend more time outside and under the sun. One way to bring your family to your backyard is to create a personalized retreat for any occasion. After all, why not expand your living spaces beyond the four walls of your home? An outdoor audio video system is the perfect investment for any home. Read on to learn how an outdoor entertainment system will prepare your backyard for Washington’s beautiful summer weather.


Bring Movie Night Under the Stars

Create the perfect entertainment space outdoors with a stunning display that plays your favorite movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, you can't bring an indoor television outside. Indoor televisions cannot withstand weather conditions and are not bright enough to be visible under sunlight. If you want to enjoy a TV outdoors, you need one specifically built for outdoor use. Séura outdoor TVs are the perfect choice for any project. These displays are made with durable materials, IP tested and can withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, rain, dust, dirt, wind, and more. For further peace of mind, Séura offers a two-year warranty.

Séura TVs boast 4K UHD resolution and HDR technology for gorgeous color, contrast, and detail. Choose from models for shaded or sunny areas, meaning that there is the perfect display for your unique space. Watch movies by the pool or under your porch or patio. Pair your television with a Séura outdoor soundbar for high-quality audio that complements your display. Craft an entertainment experience tailored to your family and enjoy your display for years to come.


Listen to The Perfect Playlist for Any Occasion

Music is an essential part of any pool party, outdoor gathering, or even yard work day. Landscape speakers bring your playlists outside so that you can enjoy them with just the tap of a button. Indoor speakers, much like indoor televisions, cannot withstand outdoor weather conditions and are not built to cover outdoor spaces.

Triad’s Garden Array speakers are weatherproof and designed to blend into the natural foliage of your space. Utilizing an ultra-broad dispersion (UBD) driver to deliver even coverage over a 150° area, this sound system will envelop your entire outdoor space with a balanced sound. Accompany GA4 Satellite speakers with GA10 subwoofers which can be installed above ground or buried to satisfy lower frequencies.

Another good choice is Origin Acoustics' outdoor speaker line. Their speakers offer superior sound quality and stylish design perfect for any playlist. Choose from bollard speakers, speakers that blend in with your landscape design, rock speakers, and wall-mounted speakers. Origin also offers buried subwoofers and a DSP3-700 amplifier to bring robust bass and long-range power to your space.


Upgrade your outdoor living space with unique audio video solutions before the summer season starts. Call us at (360) 831-0899 or (206) 315-9190 or fill out our online form to get started on your project today!

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