The Benefits of Home Lighting Control Systems


The Next Step in Enhanced Lighting for Your Home

Light is essential for making any home seem lively regardless of whether it comes from large windows or artificial lighting. Good lighting has the power to create an ambience and set the mood of any room, but it can also contribute to our behavioral patterns, mood swings, and general well-being, which is why a lighting control system is a worthy investment, especially when it comes to your Camano Island, WA home. If you're still not convinced about the advantages of installing a smart lighting control system, we have a list of benefits for you to consider.

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Energy Saving

Install LEDs to shave a few dollars off your power bills as the fast-growing energy-efficient technology are not only cost-efficient but long-lasting as well. These energy savings can especially come in use when you're throwing a holiday party with all the glitz and glamour of a well-lit room with twinkling lights to suit the party mood. Additionally, smart lighting control systems allow you to dim lights to the precise intensity needed, ensuring you’re not wasting energy throughout the day.


Automatic Control

These automated lighting control systems can seamlessly manage the lighting to conserve energy by using preset timers that adjust lighting according to the availability of natural light. Natural lighting allows the indoor lighting to dim according to the lighting needs and preferences of the residents of your home. This system also works when it comes to outdoor lighting, automatically turning lights on at sunset—particularly important in the Pacific Northwest where it gets dark as early as 5 p.m.  


Enhanced Customization

Standard light bulbs come in one color, tone, and brightness level; however, with a lighting control system, you can have increased control over the color temperature and intensity of the lighting in your home. The technology allows you have different lighting settings in every room to suit the mood and individual preferences by allowing you to choose whether the light is warm or cool-toned while also allowing you to adjust the light intensity of different bulbs from a central control panel for added convenience.


Lighting Scenes

A lighting control system will also allow you to create a Lighting Scene or grouping of lights at different light levels and ramp rates with a single command or an All Off/Goodnight scene for the whole house. These scenes can be scheduled or used with a Wake/Sleep feature to slowly raise or lower the lighting level in your bedroom. The Control4 Mockupancy feature can record your normal lighting patterns over a period of time and then allow you to playback that recorded lighting pattern while you’re on vacation for enhanced security.

 At Fusion 9 Design, we provide lighting control systems tailored to your needs for seamless control that improves your everyday lifestyle. Feel free to reach out by calling us at (360) 831-0899. We look forward to working with you!

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