The Latest Technology in Hidden Audio and Video Solutions


Maintain a Home’s Aesthetics While Producing Incredible Whole-Home Audio Video and Automation

Many homeowners in Camano Island, WA, and the surrounding areas appreciate the latest technology and home automation solutions that lead to an enjoyable and easy way to manage home. One of these solutions is a whole-home hidden AV system

All the sizeable audio equipment is centralized and placed in a closet, cabinet, mechanical room, etc. TVs and speakers are then placed throughout the home, enabling music and other audio content to fill the air, seemingly surrounding homeowners in sound. 

Of course, not everyone wants to watch the same show or listen to the same playlist. At Fusion 9 Design, we can install zones that allow family members to listen to different AV sources in other rooms. For example, one person may listen to their favorite podcast in the office while another family member tunes into their "relax" streaming playlist while preparing dinner. Yet another enjoys their favorite video game in the media room

Who wouldn’t want this truly life-altering system in their home? For some, it comes down to design and aesthetics. Both interior designers and homeowners cringe at the thought of multiple speakers breaking up a home's design in every room. 

Today’s homes are, after all, about wellness, a serene retreat that elicits a state of relaxation. Likewise, intentional living that values space over clutter produces homes and outdoor spaces that are indeed works of art. Fortunately, there is a way to experience the sound of music filling your home without the distracting speakers and wires taking up space.

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Hidden Audio

At Fusion 9 Design, we partner with brands developing cutting-edge home automation and audio-video technology. One of these is Amina Technologies. 

While many companies offer in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, many are installed flush against the space and require painting grills to paint match the décor. Amina, on the other hand, has perfected Vibrational Panel Technology (VPT) first pioneered by NXT in the early 2000s. VPT replaces the cone found in a typical loudspeaker with a flat panel and transducers. 

This VPT panel does not move back and forth like a typical cone. Instead, small vibrations generate the sound the same way the soundboard in a piano or acoustic guitar emanates sound. The flat panel enables their loudspeakers to be placed completely flush in walls and ceilings, then covered with a thin drywall plaster skim, and sanded, textured, and painted to completely match the rest of the surface and disappear. Amina loudspeakers can also be placed behind wallpaper, wood veneer, leather, concrete, or stone, as long as it is a thin layer on the panel.

In the end, these speakers are entirely invisible yet produce a high-resolution, smooth, room-filling sound without hotspots and tonal coloration. 


The Sound that Surrounds You

Because Amina's speaker design includes a wide 180-degree audio dispersion, homeowners experience the same sound whether they are standing right under the speaker or across the room. Because of this, the sound seems to fill the space, and listeners cannot detect the exact direction or source. 

Many audiophiles can’t imagine a completely invisible speaker that doesn’t sound a little muffled, yet Amina panels have been engineered for a smooth frequency response beyond 20 kHz. Since there are no crossovers in the panel — which can cause phase and response errors at the crossover points of a typical speaker — this technology produces a more natural midrange sound where vocals and most of the music resides. 


Incorporated with Other Hidden Technology

When incorporated with other hidden technology, such as Future Automation’s lift mechanisms, moving panels, and floor and table mounts, TVs are also hidden from view until it’s time for them to make their appearance. This company provides custom solutions for even the most challenging displays, crafting their products by hand. 

Lift mechanisms conceal a TV in the floor or in handmade cabinetry. Motorized panels cover TVs behind beautifully crafted forms that meld into a home’s design. Some homeowners and interior designers prefer their TVs drop down from hidden panels in the ceiling.

We also employ user interfaces that minimize the impact on the room’s décor, like’s Nano architectural voice control microphone or single gang lighting control keypads that replace the wall-acne formed by multi-gang light switch plates.


At Fusion 9 Design, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, reliable technology solutions that transform our clients’ homes and enhance their everyday lives. To learn more about hidden AV technology or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Fusion 9 Design today at (360) 831-0899.

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