Why You Need A Low Voltage Contractor In Your Smart Home Build


Bring a smart technology integrator into your project in the early stages for the best results


Designing and building a custom home is often a huge project. It is even more difficult to create a custom smart home, but potential buyers have come to expect that smart technology is already installed in a prospective home. Home automation systems need special wiring and integration that most builders or electricians are not able to do or plan by themselves.

“Everything is wireless now, right?” is not the way to approach smart home needs. Wireless is for mobile devices, not built-in features. Hardwired control, communication, audio/video and power is always more secure, reliable and gives the technology in the home a more “well thought out” and discreet look. The best way to integrate smart technology into your project is to partner with a smart home integrator, because they have the specialized training and knowledge to give the best experience to the homeowner.

If you are an architect or builder looking toward projects that are in the early planning stage for next spring, now is the time to reach out! Discover the benefits of working with a low voltage contractor on your building projects in Camano Island, WA.


Smart Technology Expertise

A general electrician does not have the experience or training to install low-voltage systems used for smart technology, nor do they have the design skills to anticipate current and future needs. Low-voltage wiring uses wires that handle up to 50 volts of electricity, and many smart home systems like outdoor lighting, alarm systems, and thermostats rely on it. Our team of expert contractors has up-to-date training on low-voltage wiring and smart technology, which saves you time and money during smart home builds.


Design Expertise

Smart technology adds convenience to your clients’ lifestyle, but many people are hesitant to add it to their homes because they fear it will detract from their interior design. After all, no one wants to see wires and bulky equipment in the middle of their living room. A low-voltage contractor will seamlessly integrate smart technology to blend in with the design of the home. Wiring can be installed within the walls, screens, flat panel TV’s and speakers can be placed discreetly in the ceiling or walls so that they are practically or completely invisible with invisible speakers or various types of motorizations. The lighting, security, motorized shades, and more will bring the best of style and function to your project.


Budget Management

The budget that you and your clients set is one of the most important things to consider when working on a project. This is especially true when building a smart home or installing smart technology, where it can be easy to spend more than what is planned. Unexpected expenses cause problems and upset your clients. Luckily, when you partner with a low-voltage contractor, you will get accurate estimates for every job due to experience and expertise in the industry. Your clients will know exactly what technology they are getting and how much it will cost.


Project Support

Your low voltage contractor will document and support the homeowner’s systems after the project is completed. The system will have as-built records, remote monitoring and proactive remote system support, and on-site support if needed, as well as system orientation for the homeowner, ensuring peace of mind for you and the homeowner for years to come.


Whether you are working on a new build or a retrofit, set yourself up for success by partnering with a trusted low voltage contractor for your project. Our experts at Fusion 9 Design will ensure that everything is installed correctly and that each step of the process goes smoothly. So call us or fill out our online form to get started on your project today!

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