Bring A Home Automation Installer into Your Building Project


Set yourself apart from the competition and meet the needs of potential clients

Smart homes have become an expectation for existing homes and new builds alike. Set your business apart from the competition and attract potential clients with Control4 home automation. Meet the demands of today’s homebuyers by partnering with a Control4 dealer to bring smart technology into your new builds. Read on to learn more about how partnering with a home automation installer on your new builds in Camano Island, WA, will draw buyers.



Builder Program

The Control4 Smart Home Builder Program allows you to bring cutting-edge smart technology into your clients' homes. As one of the leading home automation brands, Control4 brings all smart technology in a house under a centralized control system. Integrate third-party devices such as Screen Innovations motorized shades, WAC Lighting, voice control, and over 11,000 other devices. Then, customize the system to meet your clients' needs, giving them a move-in-ready home that will support their family for years to come.


Smart Home Experience

An integrated home automation system is more than just a set of devices: It is a complete experience that will transform the way your clients live. Most projects already include lights, climate control systems, door locks, security devices, and garage doors. These would all function independently in a standard installation, forcing your client to download several apps and use a pile of remotes. Instead, elevate your projects by giving prospective buyers the ability to manage all these devices from the same centralized interface, whether they are at home or away.



You might be wondering why you should consider smart technology at the beginning stages of a project rather than letting the homeowner add it in later after they move in. The answer is simple: prewiring is the foundation of a successful smart home system. This infrastructure makes it easy to install any home automation system, add smart technology, and more. Hardwired systems are more reliable and robust than systems that rely on Wi-Fi to function. Too many smart devices on a wireless system can take up too much bandwidth and slow down the homeowner's overall network. 

Prewiring allows the homeowner to have a complex smart home ecosystem without overloading their network. If the wiring isn't installed in the early stages of the project, the homeowner will have to rip open and replace walls to add it down the line, inconveniencing them and costing extra money. Our team will work with you to arrange the prewiring around the design of the home and schedule a time to install it so that we do not interrupt your work. Your client will enjoy the convenience of modern and intuitive technology throughout their home!


Ready to Go

Up and running at move in. Moving in can be a stressful time for the home buyer. You wouldn’t build the kitchen without the appliances installed beforehand. Having their Entertainment and Smart Home integration working at move in is of great service to your home buyer and improves your reputation as the developer or home builder. Also, just as with the kitchen appliances the technology package is part of the mortgage now and not an additional financial burden to the home buyer. Worried about support? Fusion 9 Design fully supports the systems post sale and has support maintenance programs for peace of mind to the home buyer.


Fusion 9 Design is here to help you with all your smart technology needs. Our robust design and build process will ensure that every phase goes smoothly and meets your high expectations. Call us or fill out our online form to get started on your project today!

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