A Home Automation System Enhances Your Whole Property


Enjoy enhanced control of all your home’s technologies with a Control4 system 

Smart technology has become more popular in the past several years due to the convenience it adds to homeowners' lifestyles. A home automation system consolidates all your home technology systems and devices into one centralized interface for easy control and automation. What is the difference between smart home control and home automation? Smart home control is the ability to control your smart devices through a remote, smartphone app, wall panel, or voice control system. Home automation takes your interactions a step further by automating your devices to work automatically with little-to-no direction through scheduling, scene creation, and other amenities. Control4 offers a wide range of solutions for any home. Create programmed scenes that execute a series of commands with just the tap of a button. Discover how a Control4 home automation system will add convenience and elegance to your home in Camano Island, WA, and surrounding areas.

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Convenient Solutions For Your Home

Control4 smart technologies elevate your everyday life with convenient and luxurious solutions. Gain peace of mind with a smart security solution that allows you to monitor your surveillance videos, lock your doors, and arm your system from anywhere. A smart thermostat and automated window treatments work in tandem to maintain your home's temperature while also saving you energy. Smart lighting control illuminates your home, setting the perfect ambiance for any occasion and allowing you to customize the color and intensity of your lighting. Utilize audio video distribution to watch your favorite movies and listen to your favorite playlists in every room of your home.

One of the significant benefits of a Control4 home automation system is that it is scalable. You can quickly start out small and expand your system as you go, whether you want smart home technology in one room or every room of your home. Creating a system customized to your needs has never been easier.


Smart Home Interface

A primary benefit of a whole home automation system is managing every smart technology and product from a centralized interface on your smart device of choice. Control your system with a touchscreen tablet, elegant wall panel, or smartphone app while you’re at home or away. The OS 3 interface is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to create scenes with the tap of a button, make easy adjustments to your vital systems, access your favorite settings and rooms with ease, and customize your smart home from top to bottom.

Control4 also works with your favorite voice control systems. Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to execute commands with a single verbal command. For more advanced voice control, we partner with Josh.ai to bring the height of luxury to our clients. Unlike out of the box solutions, Josh ai’s command processing is local, which is a faster response time compared to cloud. It can accept multiple commands at once and then executes them simultaneously. Best of all, it learns and grows over time and is more natural to speak to than its competitors.


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