Industry Partners

A successful technical project doesn't just happen.  It takes collaboration from all partners involved in the design and build process.  We are your technical resource. Including Fusion9 early, and in all stages of planning, will ensure that your clients will be happy with the results.  As a member of your team, we will answer your customer's questions, thereby making you a more valuable resource in your customers' eyes.  There are six steps in a successful client project:

  • Consultation - Determine the current needs and future goals so the proper technical foundation can be laid for future expansion
  • Design - Create a solution that fits the goals of the installation
  • Engineering - Build a solution whose performance meets or exceeds the client's expectations
  • Project Management - Solid project management reduces surprises and forms the basis by which teams from different companies can communicate effectively
  • Installation - Our technicians and subcontractors take pride in well executed work from rough in to finish phase, always respecting the client's home or business.
  • Support Services - We provide after installation support and training to your clients on all technical systems that we install