The Fusion 9 Design designers are your technical experts that will allow you to broaden the array products, services and upgrades that you offer your clients, increasing the value of the product you offer.  Adding technology makes the house more energy efficient, functional and flexible, leading to greater client satisfaction and making your product stand out from your competitors.  Our business model is based on building a long-term relationship with the client, ensuring that they are properly trained in the use of technology.  We handle all follow-up questions from the client, so the builder does not have to provide on-going support.  We use a project management based approach to electronic system designs. This minimizes confusion and schedule delays through prompt communication of progress and issues, in order to minimize impact to the schedule. 

Fusion 9 Design is proud to serve as a Continuing Education Provider to the American Institute of Build / Design (AIBD) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) through the CEDIA Registered Outreach Instructors (ROIs) program.  CEDIA is also the founding sponsor of the Home Technology Alliance (HTA), a partnership between CEDIA and NAHB formed to position the housing industry to effectively meet the growing consumer demand for home technology and provide maximum return on investment in the new home building and remodeling process.  Each course is custom designed to address the needs of the design and build community and is approved for continuing education credit. We offer these valuable educational courses at no cost.