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The Fully Integrated Home
Taking all aspects of residential electronics, Control, Entertainment, and Security, then unifying them under one interface for the ultimate in convenience and simplicity.

Dedicated Home Theater
The “willing suspension of disbelief” can only be best achieved if we limit outside distractions both visual and auditory. By controlling the environment we can immerse ourselves into the movie or the music to a much higher degree and leave the stress of the outside world for awhile.

Design, Engineering, and Documentation Control
Lighting, Shades, HVAC, Irrigation, Smart Appliances

Distributed Audio & Video, Media Rooms, Outdoor Entertainment, Content Management

Monitored Alarm, Surveillance Cameras, Access Control

Wired & Wireless LANs, Network Attached Storage, Network Security
Structured Wiring
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Featured Lines
Ad Notam, Audioquest, Audyssey, Bay Audio, Canton, Cary Audio, Chief, Cineak, Cisco, Control4, Denon, Furman, GE Security, KEF, Lagotek, Leviton, Lutron, Netgear, Netstreams, Niveus Media, Nuvision, Panasonic Premier, REL, Screen Research, Sim2